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Resonance Technology International (RTI)

Founded in 2003 by Matthew Janes

Matthew became aware of a patented technology that had been developed by an Australian company, Resonance Technology Pty Ltd, in its mine sweeping devices which emulate the vibrational and acoustic signature of ships.

His vision was to develop this technology such that it could be applied to large construction equipment such as pile drivers and drills.

He has succeeded where others have failed. Matthew has brought to market high horsepower machines that can be tuned to the resonant frequency of the system being driven, be it a drill string or a pile.

RTI is dedicated to advanced technology and R&D.

RTI's goal is to bring to market new products that will change the face of industry by raising efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

RTI is currently developing wireline resonant core barrel technology and resonant deep sea pile and conductor drivers.