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Resonant method outperforms in all drilling applications

Resonance Technology International continues to prove the Resonant method outperforms in all drilling applications. Our RRD 100 and RRD 150 Resonant (sonic) drill heads are continuing to build up hours of operation and successful project completions for their owners.

The Resonant method is proving easy to operate with auto tuning and separate control over frequency and power. Simple tuning to the resonant frequency of the drill casing and the core barrel string ensure peak efficiency and performance.

Adding separate frequency and power control means the driller is not only in control, but out of danger of damaging the drill tooling.

The RRD head can run on resonance at any amplitude and peak force, which means the driller can deliver a controlled amount of power to save the drill bit, the joints and tooling. This is sonic with finesse.

Resonant drillers can core safely through the hardest rock and reduce bit wear, apply power at the resonant frequency to ensure they stay free in binding formations and can find the right frequency and power for optimal performance at all times.

Drillers with experience on both Resonant and sonic drills confirm, that while the drills perform similarly for the first 2 or 3 sections of drill rod, prior to resonant capability, when the drill tooling is long enough and the Resonant tuning is engaged, the power, amplitude and control of the Resonant head outperforms sonic and increases production.

On a recent mining project in tough tills, cobbles, clays and boulders an RRD 100 drill head, mounted on a heliportable drill advanced to a depth of almost 130 m (400 ft), including 10 m (30 ft) into bedrock using 100 mm x 150 mm (4" x 6") tooling without telescoping larger casings in the upper soil formations. The RRD 100 still had lots of power to efficiently advance the casing without the need for time consuming telescoping.

Soon to come are the RRD 40 and RRD 65 Resonant Drills. These drills will bring resonance to the 60 kW (80 Hp) and 85 kW (115 Hp) class base machines. Ideal for low overhead and shorter 30 m holes these drills will rapidly mobilise and complete 2 to 3 holes in a day. To further enhance the Resonant product line, in 2013, RTI will introduce the first Resonant wire-line core barrel (sonic wire-line core barrel) to the industry.

RTI's Resonant Drill method meets the ResonantSonicSM criteria for drilling within earthen dams as specified by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in its "Procedures for drilling in earth embankments", Regulation No. 1110-1-1807. Thus, the Resonant method meets the strictest of requirements for minimising the chance of hydraulic fracturing, loss of ground or erosion while drilling.

Resonance is the drill head of the future.

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Model RRD 100 RRD 150
Product type Resonant drill Resonant drill
Length 1000 mm 40 in   1100 mm 44 in  
Width 500 mm 20 in   500 mm 20 in  
Depth 500 mm 20 in   500 mm 20 in  
Weight 680 kg 1500 lbs   900 kg 1980 lbs  
Power 100 kW 136 hp   150 kW 203 hp  
Force 115 kN 25850 lbs   145 kN 32600 lbs  
Amplitude 3-6 mm 1/8-1/4 in   3-6 mm 1/8-1/4 in  
Frequency 50-160 Hz 50-160 Hz   50-160 Hz 50-160 Hz  
Rotary 100 rpm 100 rpm   100 rpm 100 rpm  
Torque 4000 Nm 2950 ftlbs   5000 Nm 3687 ftlbs  
Retract 100 kN 22500 lbs   130 kN 29250 lbs  
Feed 100 kN 22500 lbs   130 kN 29250 lbs  
  Sonic Drill - rrd100 Sonic Drill - rrd150
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