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Driving and drilling with:

  • finesse
  • control
  • virtually zero ground disturbance

RTI's resonant drivers and drills continuously tune the frequency during penetration for maximum production. Our products do not use eccentrics. This gives the operator complete, independent control over frequency, amplitude, force and power. The operator can get full power and full force at any frequency.

When drilling the operator can control the amplitude and the force to productively drive light, short casing or long, heavy casing with complete control, reducing the risk of casing damage.

All RTI equipment starts and stops vibrating at high frequency, eliminating "run up" and "run down" shaking of the base machine.

RTI's revolutionary piston-cylinder design is simple, has fewer moving parts than conventional sonic equipment and has no bearings subject to eccentric loads.

Resonant pile drivers
  • Capable of driving piles up to 900mm (3 feet) diameter.
  • Features include patent pending hydraulic clamp which allows for quick and secure attachment of the pile.
  • Ideal for jobs where gound/marine disturbance is an issue.
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Sonic Pile Driver

Resonant drills

  • Capable of drilling up to 400mm (16 inches) diameter.
  • Well suited to geothermal applications.
  • 100% sample recovery.
  • Reduced drill spoil.
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Sonic Drill