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Dr David Bies, PhD

RTI mourns the death of David Alan Bies.

David Bies was a graduate of the Physics Dept of the University of California at Berkeley in 1953. A gifted scientist and mathematician, David solved problems that few could and established himself as one of the world’s leading acoustical physicists.

Fortunately for Resonance Technology International David spent a few Post Doc years working with Al Bodine in California learning about high powered sonic frequency vibrators and controlling resonant mechanisms. David was intrigued by the concept, but recognized that Bodine’s pile driver power source was fundamentally flawed.

During his career in the USA he worked on many industrial and defence related noise control projects that honed his obvious skills in the worlds of physics, mathematics and engineering.

David left the US to join the faculty of the University of Adelaide, Australia, where he led a distinguished academic career publishing "Engineering Noise Control: Theory and Practice"(first author) and numerous peer reviewed papers while teaching in the field of acoustics. During this time he inspired many talented students with his gentle good humour that drove them to explore the fundamentals of an idea, reinforcing the scientific approach underlying good engineering.

The problems David recognized with the Bodine method dwelled within David for many years until, upon meeting a talented graduate student by the name of Stewart Page, he proposed a solution. The two invented, co-developed and patented the sonic vibration power generator used by RTI for drilling, pile driving and rock breaking as well as by the major navies of the world for mine sweeping. David was an integral member of the RTI team from its commencement.

David was a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, Fellow of the Australian Acoustical Society, and Fellow of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration.

David Alan Bies
15 August 1925 – 6 April 2015

Dr David Bies


Announcement: Dieseko Group BV to distribute RTI's Resonant Pile Driver Globally

Resonance Technology International Inc. is pleased to announce that we have entered in to a Global Distributorship (ex. North America) arrangement with Dieseko Group B.V. of Sliedrecht, The Netherlands. The Dieseko Group B.V. was created by a merger between two well-respected Dutch companies, Piling & Vibro Equipment (PVE) and International Construction Equipment (ICE), and is a worldwide leader, developer, manufacturer and provider of foundation construction equipment. In their words, their mission is a commitment "to be the world's best provider of innovative and efficient attachments for the commercial foundation industry"".

Resonance Technology International Inc. will add their revolutionary resonant vibration technology, with the capability of driving all manner of piles free of ground vibration, to Dieseko Group's existing product line. The addition of Resonance Technology's products to the Dieseko product line results in the broadest spectrum of vibratory piling equipment of any equipment manufacturer and sets Dieseko apart as the world leader in product range for the Foundation construction industry.

Resonance Technology looks forward to working with Dieseko to bring their Resonant vibratory products to Diesko's customers throughout the world and build on the Dieseko reputation of excellence in foundation construction equipment.

Resonance Technology International Inc. is very excited to embark on this relationship.

For more information click here to visit the Dieseko Group BV's own website

The new PVE Resonance Driver


The Advanced Sonic Drill, by Matthew Janes

"the most advanced high frequency (sonic) drill on the market"

"a revolutionary piston-cylinder design ... makes it possible to tune the drill to the resonant frequency of the drill string and to maintain independent control over both power and frequency"

"the Resonant Drill produces full power and full force at any frequency"

"the Resonant Drill delivers more power than equivalent sonic drills throughout the 60 to 120 Hz range where most drilling is done"




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The Advanced Sonic Drill, by Matthew Janes and published in Australasian Drilling (Jan/Feb 2013)

This article was originally published in Australasian Drilling (Jan/Feb 2013).
Reproduced with kind permission of the Australian Drilling Industry Association - www.adia.com.au.



Profile of Matthew James by Deep Foundations (Nov/Dec 2012)

"Matthew Janes' name conjures a list of superlatives among long term colleagues: modern day Leonardo da Vinci, football hero, sculptor, unrelenting scientist are a few descriptions from Nadir Ansari, Isherwood Associates"

"Janes has the mind of a quarterback, and is one of the brightest engineers I have ever met".
Brian Isherwood, Isherwood Associates

"Janes has formidable intelligence combined with an appetite for problems, numerical or conceptual."
Patrick Bermingham, Berminghammer




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Sonic Drill and Sonic Pile Driver - Profile on Matthew Janes

This article was originally published in DFI's magazine, Deep Foundations, Nov/Dec 2012 issue.
DFI is an international technical association of firms and individuals involved in the deep foundations and related industry.
Deep Foundations is a member publication. To join DFI and receive the magazine, go to www.dfi.org for further information.



Blue Max has ... obtained a new breed of sonic drill rig.

"Conventional sonic drills rely on the driller to tune the sonic frequencies during drilling - the better the driller's feel for the controls, the better the production. With a resonance drill the on-board computer's algorithms auto-tune the drill frequency to reach resonance, the ultimate ratio force, amplitude, frequency and power at any frequency."






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Sonic Drill - Article Re resonant drill



New sonic drill improves accuracy

"This methodology allows engineers to recover almost 100% of the overburden without any of the finer material being washed away by water ... while maintaining the true densities of material. The results produce more accurate measurements ..."



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Sonic Drill - Pebble Project Newsletter



RTI sells three RRD 100 Drill heads in January 2012

Two RRD 100 Resonant Drills will be mounted on Fraste XL track mounted drill bases supplied by MARL Technologies of Edmonton, Alberta. Beck Drilling of Calgary, Alberta takes delivery of the first Fraste XL in early February. They will use the drill in Vancouver, BC for geotechnical and environmental investigation work. The second RRD 100 drill will be mounted on a Fraste MDXL track base and delivered to Gem Steel for work in the Yukon.

An RRD 100 will be mounted on a new AMS 17 series track mounted rig (10,000 kg) in February of 2012. This machine will be delivered to Blue Max Environmental Drilling of Coquitlam, BC.

      Sonic Drill - RRD 100 mounted on Fraste XL

Resonance Drilling comes to the construction industry. RTI completed the commissioning of an RRD 100 drill head on a Cassagrande M9 for Geo-Foundations of Acton, Ontario. The drill has gone to site and is drilling 175 mm (7 inch) diameter tie backs in Northern, Ontario. Geo-Foundations will use the rig for both micropile and tie back installation.

RTI continues development of a wire line core barrel compatible with the Resonant Drilling process. High frequency causes high accelerations and forces at the drill bit. These high forces have proven too violent for core barrel technology using conventional sonic drilling. But the Resonance Technology drill can control peak force and acceleration thus limiting the peak forces to acceptable levels. RTI expects to field test the new Resonant Core barrel in Vancouver in the spring of 2012.


Sonic Pile Driving - The history and resurrection of vibration-free pile driving

by Matthew Janes, CEO, Resonance Technology International

"... an entirely new mechanism has led to success in driving piles with high-frequency vibration"

"The new resonant driver based on a piston and cylinder mechanism is able to resonate a pile and advance it rapidly into the ground while causing near negligible ground vibrations, thus, will safely drive piles adjacent to sensitive structures."



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     Sonic Pile Driving

This article was published by Piling Canada in Issue 2, 2009.