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RTI's excellence in engineering, machining, fabrication and special products design is unparalleled in the field of dynamics.


Our experience and engineering acumen is unparalleled. With resources of over 100 years of collective engineering experience, multiple post graduate engineering degrees in dynamics and mechatronics and dedication to novel product development RTI's capabilities are bound only by imagination. Our designers employ 3-D drafting , modeling and FEA software in full 4 dimensions. Our team approach to design, fabrication and product testing ensures RTI solutions are elegant and efficient.

Machining and QA/QC RTI employs and subcontracts excellence in machining acumen and capability. From oil and gas to complex, fatigue resistant mechanisms to mechatronics our machinists and partners take pride in their work and produce world class quality and products. RTI's in house QA/QC program ensure parts are produced to specification, are interchangeable and that product upgrades are traced. All engineering changes and improvements are traced and recorded. This effort ensures RTI upgrades fit and work the first time.

Fabrication RTI employs experienced welder fabricators, process sub contractors (heat treating, coating, hardening, grinding and finishers) with vast, broad knowledge and attention to detail. RTI products are professionally finished which translates to product longevity.

Hydraulics RTI's engineers will design the retrofit of your existing rig to ensure RTI product will operate efficiently and to its fullest potential. Our staff of mechanics and machinists will conduct the retrofit to ensure the completed product operates to our specifications and will keep your people in the field working and earning money.